Lyn VK4SWE is active from Sweers Island OC-227. Sweers Island is located in the south-eastern Gulf of Carpentaria, north Queensland , Australia . Permanent population two.

It is her home QTH and she is on air when her work schedule allows, most days on 14.183 for the ANZA DX Net (05:15UTC). When work permits and there is a path to EU, she often hangs round for an hour or so after the Net closes. She has a KIO Hex Beam on a 50ft tower with 6 bands (6,10,12,15,17,20m) and an inverted V dipole for 40m. FT2000 into an ALS-500 amp, legal limit 400 watts. She is mostly active on SSB and CW (QRS <20wpm pse!). She is happy to make skeds on specific bands/times if work permits. On CW mode or when off the island, Lyn often uses her other callsign VK4EI. She sometimes operates VK4EI Maritime Mobile with short trips ashore to activate east coast Australian islands as VK4EI/P. These operations do NOT count for OC-227. Equipment on these trips is an Icom IC-718 into a helical-wound whip antenna which is resonant on 20m, a tuner is used for some other bands.

lyn winching up samantha hex beamoc 227 sky spider

sweers island oc 227

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