TX5K DXA2 Update

We have traced the problem down and are in the process of fixing it. The data coming off the island is good, but we are having a server side problem here in the States.

The best advice at this point is to make your QSO, and if you heard TX5K come back to you clearly, then you are in the log and good to go. If it was a “sketchy” or “ESP” QSO – then work TX5K again.

And just so you know – the laptops are backed up to thumb drives automatically and often – which is standard operating procedure for any DX-pedition.

Finally, in this world of Internet, Smart Phone and “instant gratification”, the one technology that you can count on is a point to point ham radio contact between you and the DX station. None of these modern technologies are as “bug free” as Amateur Radio!

When all else fails (right?) . . . . we hope to have this fixed soon, and I will keep you informed as soon as I have a status update – which will be several times a day if need be.

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