My Interests (HAM RADIO)

I was first licensed as a technician class in January 2011. I quickly saw that this did not allow me to operate the bands for what I really wanted to do-chase DX. So in March 2011 I tested and upgrade to a general class. That is when I got serious about chasing DX. I was working anyone that would answer my call. I did realize that I was missing some good DX because HAMS in other countries would quite often operate in portions of the band that was not allowed for USA general class operators. So in June 2012, I tested and upgraded to extra class. This proved to be a good decision on my part, as it allowed me to add to my DXCC count quickly.

So my favorite activity is chasing DX. I also do a small amount of contesting. As I get more experience, I am trying more things. I find contesting to be a lot of fun. I will usually operate to some degree in most SSB and RTTY contest. Usually I will gain some more on my DXCC count as a result.

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