TX5K has went QRT as of 0000Z March 10, 2013. I hope everyone enjoyed the Dxpedition.


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H40IOTA Tour

5W0W (H44RK is planning an IOTA tour starting the 1st week in June 2013. He will be joined by SQ9KWW Dom and H44MK Maggie (the only local YL Ham).They are applying for the callsign H40IOTA. There plan is to depart the 1st week of June 2013 and activate

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DXA2 Update


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TX5K DXA2 Update

We have traced the problem down and are in the process of fixing it. The data coming off the island is good, but we are having a

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I have been receiving many emails regarding whether or not a Q is in the log – because it doesn’t show up in DXA. Here is what you

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The team is aware that some qso's from earlier today are not showing up yet. I have been informed they are working on it. It will be corrected.

TX5K-Questions or Comments

If you have questions or or constructive comments or suggestions, please e-mail me on my website or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am here to help. I will post information as I receive it.
73 NR6M

DXA Mar 2, 2013

DXA is expected to be up and working sometime later today.


TX5K is now QRV. They started at about 0615Z mar 2 2013 on 30m CW and 40M SSB. Signals on both bands are very strong in Az.

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40M Rotatable Dipole

Got my homebrew 40M rotatable dipole in the air today.

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