VEC Examiner

As of Feb 7, 2013 I am an accredited VEC examiner. One more way to help give back to the hobby.

I'm Selectected as USA Pilot for TX5K

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Please following the following link for full details on the TX5K operation

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Made The Deans List

I got a letter from the college today informing me that I made the Deans List. I guess a person is never to old.

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NAQP SSB Contest

I operated about 4 hours in the NAQP SSB contest yesterday. For me this was a warmup in preparation for the WPX SSB contest that is coming up. I wanted to

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My Interests (HAM RADIO)

I was first licensed as a technician class in January 2011. I quickly saw that this did not allow me to operate the bands for what I really wanted to do-chase DX. So in March 2011 I tested and upgrade to a general class. That is when I got serious about chasing DX. I was working anyone that would answer my call. I did realize

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Website Starts Up

I am happy with how the site is looking so far. I wanted to create this site so I would have a place to put information about my QSL activities, post stories and generally display information. QRZ is a fine tool but I wanted to have more capabilities and control. Here I can post what I feel is important in individual categories

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This is my first blog entry. I would like to thank Sparky Rose for all his help in creating this website.  He is the brains that actuall created the set-up. I gave him

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Hello World

First blog post.

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